About Me 

From a young age, my heart and mind always knew what they wanted. I wanted to create. I've always liked being in front of people.  Talking. Writing. Being a part of something was very attractive to me. Creating and bringing a scheme to life. Now that to me is sexy.

Instead I made choices that brought me to the insurance industry, not that I’m calling it unsexy or anything.  Throughout my tenure in the insurance industry, I gained a lot of technical knowledge, met some brilliant and inspiring people who touched my life in a profound way and was able to move from call centre to underwriting to disability management. 

Yet, despite the positive experiences, an intangible uneasiness nagged at me incessantly. A void was there that I couldn’t touch with my hands but could always feel inside.  That's when I finally made the decision to leave corporate and jumped passionately into the world of freelance writing.
That's my story. What's yours?